Thursday, March 12, 2015

Google Online Marketing Challenge

What I have done today is I was heard for the first time about the Google Online Marketing Challenge. I was introduce about this system and learned about it. What I have learned is this system give excellent opportunity for students to experience and create online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords and Google+ . This Google Online Marketing Challenge pay $250 for AdWords advertising budget provided by Google for students develop and run an online advertising campaign for a business or non-profit organization over a three week period. I was being explain more and understand the information about these challenge. I recognized this system is really good and I am sure that many team of students will excited to join this challenge.

Beside that, I also learned more about the Google AdWords through: 

I was watching the video and learned about the AdWords basic. All the video had explained about what is Adwords exactly, the example of Adwords and extensions, what is AdWords Quality Score, The pillar of AdWords Success, Devising Online Marketing plan and Budgeting Online advertising. All this information was really helping and shows really interesting information in creative ways.

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